Treffen der R-User Group / Wiesbaden

Termin:        9 August 2016  -  18:15

Ort:              Heimathafen, Karltraße 22  Ecke Adelheidstraße, 65185 Wiesbaden


Neue Mitgleider sind stets willkommen!


Moryson H., Möser G.,

University of Giessen, Faculty of Cultural and Social Sciences

masem research institute GmbH, Wiesbaden



Cloud computing services have been growing rapidly in recent years, with Dropbox, Apple iCloud and Google Drive being amongst the most established. The main pu...


In step one and two the measurement models for each group (male and female) are tested separately. The reason for these two steps is to test that the assumed one-factor models are acceptable in both groups. The test-logic follows the typically procedure used in every confirmatory factor...


Measurement Invariance is an important topic in today’s daily scientific work and tries to answer such important questions like: is my instrument working equal across different groups? Can I compare results over different groups using the same instrument? Etc.          ...


Im letzten Modell werden Cross-Level-Interactions zwischen den Variablen der individuellen Ebene und der Gruppenebene freigesetzt.                                                ...