Treffen der R-User Group / Wiesbaden

Termin:        9 August 2016  -  18:15

Ort:              Heimathafen, Karltraße 22  Ecke Adelheidstraße, 65185 Wiesbaden


Neue Mitgleider sind stets willkommen!


Moryson H., Möser G.,

University of Giessen, Faculty of Cultural and Social Sciences

masem research institute GmbH, Wiesbaden



Cloud computing services have been growing rapidly in recent years, with Dropbox, Apple iCloud and Google Drive being amongst the most established. The main pu...


Purpose of this step is to test for equality of indicator intercepts, also known as “scalar invariance” or “strong factorial invariance”.                                             ...


In the fourth step we test for equality of factor loadings (sometimes called “metric invariance” or “weak factorial invariance”).   This step is a critical testing step in multiple-groups CFA. It determines “whether the measures have the same meaning and structure for different groups of...


The third step is to test for equal factor structures, also known as “equal form”. We want to test if the number of factors and pattern of indicator-factor-loadings are identical across groups. This step is sometimes called “configural invariance” as well.            ...