Web Analytics

Analyzing information technologies - knowing what lies behind.

 The use of different information technologies (IT) of all kinds is an integral part of every enterprise. Developing a new application (e.g. a management program or an internet learning platform), can however come with many obstacles or questions:

- Will the application be used by the customers?

- Which acceptance exists among the customers?

- Which factors favor the use of the technology generally?

- Which influence does the use of such technology by colleagues and friends have on acceptance?

- How can confidence in the technology be strengthened?

We offer a wide spectrum of problem-solving-approaches for investigating these questions, ranging from the fast assessment of your problem statement to the detailed research study. For this we use, among other things, a unique database which was built up by us basing on the current state of scientific knowledge.


The following are part of our range of services in the field of Web Analytics:

IT Usability

How intuitively can your application be used?


To be announced

Social Media Analysis

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Combined Analytics and Modeling

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