Patient Journey

During a treatment a patient goes through different stations. It can be of great use for a company from the health sector to have knowledge of these stations and to analyze the "journey" of the patients. We tailor the analyses to your needs based on data from different sources. Supply chains, resource consumption or even monetary assessments can then be derived from the research studies. Using the so-called "Matched-Pair-Method" it is additionally possible to carry out comparisons with other patient groups.

To be able to answer your questions, we identify the suitable and available information sources for you. These are classified and used correspondingly according to your criticality value. If you are interested in the development, execution and evaluation of interviews with relevant experts, we also undertake this task.

The combination from different data sources with varying criticality values forms an optimal constituent for the creation of a utility dossier. In that way, patient journeys of up to 8 years can be simulated, depending on the data source.


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