Health Care

Relevant empirical analyses for businesses from the health sector.

Ever since the introduction of the law on drugs (AMNOG), empirically-based analyses for drafting dossiers used in assessing the cost-benefit ratio of a drug have gained in importance. The Joint Federal Council (G-BA) as well as the Institute for Quality and  water shot (G BA) as well as the institute for quality and economic efficiency in the health service (IQWiG) make specific demands on the analyses and the methods employed which have to be taken into consideration. Furthermore adherence to the internationally recognized standards of evidence-based medicine is an elementary component.

It is generally accepted that carefully planned and implemented analyses are indispensable for the generation of the necessary information. If research studies fulfill these criteria, they will, for example, enable the development or optimization of strategic decisions during the introduction of a new product.

During the planning and execution of numerous projects with respected companies from the health and pharmaceutical industry we would be in position to acquire a high level of expertise. We know which criteria an analysis must satisfy so that the highest possible benefit can be gained from it!

We offer you these experiences and our expertise, we help you with handling the most varied set of questions and therefore support you in overcoming the challenges existing within the context of AMNOG.


Our services:

Patient Journey

Finding out the course of treatment based on obvious facts

Systematic Review / Meta analyses / Indirect comparisons

Carrying out analyses using systematic processing of scientific knowledge

Prescription analyses

Find out reasons for the (non-) prescription of a medical drug

Stakeholder Mapping

Development of an (indication-based) system for identifying relevant stakeholders and their institutional connections

Pharma Pricing

Price optimization geared to the general terms and conditions of AMNOG