B2B Trade Fair Market Research

Intelligent trade fair participation for professional B2B-trade fair market research


B2B-Market research

Business relationships between companies which are fundamentally more complex and more intensive than those between companies and the final consumers are at the centre of B2B market research. The aim of the analyses therefore consists first and foremost in providing an enterprise with relevant information which will enable it to control its customer relations strategically. For this, a careful analysis of customer habits, particularly decision-making habits and the market conditions on the one hand, and strong focus being placed on working out recommendations for action which are capable of affecting sales on the other hand.


B2B market research at the trade fair

A trade fair, as a relevant market mirror for a company branch, offers an optimal platform for interviewing relevant stakeholders of a company. a couple of reasons can be cited for this from the point of view of market research:

    • Visitors to the trade fair represent a group of people who are involved, since a visit to the fair is normally associated with a potential investment.
    • Visitors to the trade fair are role players in the Buying Center of the company and therefore contribute meaningfully to the investment and procurement processes using their opinion.
    • Visitors to the trade fair overwhelmingly represent decision makers or are members of the executive or business management.
    • A trade fair makes it possible to use different interview forms (ranging from observation to standardized interviews and detailed interviews with selected stakeholders)


    Our service spectrum in the area of trade fair B2B market research

    Evaluation of the fair presentation

    Brands and company popularity

    Competence and performance appraisal

    Analysis of investment and decision-making habits

    Special interviews with relevant stakeholders on special topics

    Expert interviews

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